Ellen is a jazzy singer-songwriter who sings from the bottom of her heart.

She inspires people to make their dreams come true, to overcome their fears and to live from the heart by baring her soul and sharing the lessons she learned with her profound, authentic and personal lyrics infused in jazzy melodies with unusual harmonies. She calls it Spiri-Jazz.

She combines her love of music with the lessons of Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra in her songs. Jazzy melodies with lyrics inspired by New Age philosophers. In 2015 she released her debut album ‘Late Bloomer” on her own record label, an album containing wonderful life-lessons. Prior to that, (September 2014) she released the song ‘Dragonflies’. Her most recent release are the EP “Happiness” (september 2017) and the EP “Love” (january 2019), part 1 and 2 of the trilogy “Peace, Love and Happiness”. Live footage of the release concert of the EP “Love” can be seen regularly on Stingray Djazz TV. Ellen is currently working on het latest EP “Peace”.

Apart from her music performances, Ellen can regularly be found on stage in plays, comedy shows and theatre productions.

Wouter Hamel described her voice as follows: ‘Lovely voice, dare I say slightly husky. Deep and warm, quite theatrical.’

Bertolf Lentink: “I am such a fan of your voice!”

Becca Stevens: “You are such a beautiful talent! Love the vibe of the tunes, and the beautiful tone and confidence of your voice”





Late Bloomer


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You can buy Ellen’s music through the following outlets:

iTunes: click here

Bandcamp: click here

CD: mail to info@ellenpels.com


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Upcoming Events

October 9th

Odeon Theatre, Blijmarkt 25, Zwolle


EP ‘Peace’ and album release

Price tba

Slide ‘Beautiful use of language, perfect elocution. I could understand each and every word.’ Slide ‘Love set to music, beautiful!’ Slide ‘Ellen sings straight from the heart.’ Slide ‘I used to work for pop stage de Effenaar (the Paradiso of the south) as a programmer. After that I worked with great musicians like Billy Cobham, Jan Akkerman, Brecker Brothers, Rosa King, Bertus Borgers and H. Brood. With that in mind I can truly say I think you are fantastic. I have seldom been this touched at a concert. I hope you continue on this path.’